The 2009 One Family 5th Annual Bike Ride took place on May 31st in Unionville, Ontario. It was a bright and sunny day although a bit crisp and windy. However, this did not deter 130 riders from showing up to ride through the beautiful countryside to show their support for the victims of terror in Israel.The ride this year was especially meaningful as it was a ride in memory of all the victims of the bombing of The Dolphinarium, a seaside discotheque in Tel Aviv, which took place June 1, 2001. Irina-Lipkin-Mejberg, a survivor of this attack, was on hand to talk to the bikers about her experience, and how touched she was that they were all with her to remember. One rider commented that he never rode so strong after hearing Irina’s moving words. All in all this is a great event that can happen with the tireless efforts of One Family Fund volunteers