Who We Are And What We Do

OneFamily’s goal is to rehabilitate and empower victims of terror, wounded soldiers and bereaved families, so that they can achieve their emotional and financial independence, and successfully reintegrate into society.

We are ONE unique FAMILY of professionals, volunteers, donors, and the VICTIMS and SURVIVORS of terror attacks in Israel since 2000 — bereaved, maimed and traumatized — who suffer from physical pain and trauma.


IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: Following a terror attack, OneFamily rushes to meet the urgent physical and emotional needs of the victims and their families.

CONTINUED SUPPORT: We provide a comprehensive blend of therapeutic programs, and financial, legal and medical assistance, tailor-made for each family member, and delivered in our hallmark “family” atmosphere of trust and togetherness.

ONGOING REHABILITATION FOR PTSD: We offer an array of therapeutic programs designed for orphans, bereaved parents and siblings, widows and widowers, and the wounded themselves.

ADVOCACY: OneFamily advocates for and assists victims in accessing entitlements from government and official sources.


  • 500 volunteers
  • 44 specialized staff
  • 4 regional coordinators
  • 3 assistance centres
  • Endless Love

We remain devoted to all victims of terror in Israel. Since our inception in October 2001, we have helped more than 12,000 families and invested more than $40 million into their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration into Israeli society.


Orphans 100
Grieving Teens 100
Bereaved Parents 100
Widows & Widowers 100
Bereaved Siblings 100
Wounded Victims 100
Audited financial statements are available upon request.

Our Brochure

This is a great brochure to share with family and friends to demonstrate the activities of OneFamily. Click this link to download our PDF brochure.
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Jerusalem Post Report

Please click here to read the Jerusalem Post’s insert on how OneFamily helps victims of terrorism find each other and, as a result, learn to live life again.
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