Emotional Rehabilitation

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OneFamily welcomes victims and their families into our larger family – providing each family with the external support needed to prevent further deterioration of the home during the months and years following the attack.

OneFamily case workers are the critical lynch-pin in all of OneFamily’s activities, working round the clock to provide individual emotional support, a listening ear, boundless sympathy and empathy with the victims and their circumstances. Each victim is a member of our family – and the staff subsequently treats each family member as a member of their own personal family.

Regular home visits and phone calls are just the beginning. OneFamily case workers spend hours in hospitals with relatives and wounded victims, and remain in close contact with the families once they return home.

emotional-rehabilitation OneFamily case workers attend every memorial service, and share the joy of family celebrations. At the families’ request, our case workers have been on hand for births, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, and weddings.

OneFamily case workers draw on their vast experience and personal contacts to provide assistance beyond the families’ own expectations. We have enabled terror victims to find jobs and supplemental medical treatment – including life-saving organ transplants – both in Israel and abroad. We have solved housing problems and intervened with schools to ensure that children obtain the educational support they need to succeed.

Our name is our mission. We are OneFamily.