Support Groups and Workshops

Victims of terror need not bear their burdens alone.

One of the primary ways in which OneFamily assists victims of terror is through emotional support provided through healing retreats, support groups and therapeutic workshops for bereaved parents, parents of injured children, bereaved or injured young adults, widows and widowers, orphans, bereaved siblings, and wounded or maimed victims of all ages.

Each healing retreat involves 80 and 200 people of similar experiences who then form smaller, more localized support groups where victims continue to provide victim-to-victim support, learn from each other’s experiences, and give and receive comfort. At OneFamily, we strive to overcome terror together.

Through intensive and long-term therapeutic workshops (one-time) and support groups (meet weekly or monthly), terror victims are empowered to deal with their psychological and physical injuries on a daily basis.

Each workshop or group is conducted by specialists in various fields of bereavement counseling, emotional and psychological well-being and interactive therapy. They take place in calm, healing environments and bring together 10-12 victims for facilitated victim-to-victim therapy.

The workshops and groups help the victims deal with self-esteem issues, adjust to new socio-economic pressures, learn various techniques to cope effectively with crisis and pressure, deal with society’s attitude toward terror victims and provide general enrichment.

Special emphasis is placed on the relationships within the family and between the couple as well as understanding personal health and the effects of laughter, enjoyment and leisure on self-esteem and psychological and physical recovery.

Support groups include: Bereaved Fathers Choir, Bereaved Mothers Cooking Group, Mothers of Injured Children, Couple Therapy and Support, Wounded Couple Therapy, Young Adults Soccer Team, Young Adults PhotoTherapy, Widow Bereavement Groups and Orphans Family Support Group.

Victims of terror have experienced the most difficult pain and experiences. The combination of terror and bereavement from the loss of a loved one or from physical trauma completely transforms life from before the attack.

We cannot put the pieces of their lives back together for them, but we can stand beside them to guide them every step of the way towards rebuilding their lives.

Through healing retreats and support groups, OneFamily provides victims with a safe community to express and feel their pain and their fears, while providing them the opportunity to begin building something new in their lives.