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Terrorism is an ever-present issue as Israeli citizens continue to be a target for terror activity. The compounded concern of falling victim to another attack and struggles with rehabilitation, injuries, loss and trauma prolong the attack’s affects indefinitely.

OneFamily empowers victims of terrorism to confront the horrors of their new circumstances – without loved ones, or without the emotional or physical abilities they once had.

Through programs, retreats and a personalized plan of support, OneFamily enables terror victims to overcome pain and anguish, to rebuild their lives and their families’ futures, in the embrace of a supportive, caring group of people who understand what they have been through and who can help them find new strength.

While the main OneFamily office is in Jerusalem, we have Assistance Centres in Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Hadera and in the South, where we run anchor programs and activities to support terror victims throughout Israel. Victims of terror are never far, physically and emotionally, from OneFamily staff.

Strengthening the Family Unit, OneFamily’s network of case workers and hundreds of volunteers maintain a close personal connection with each family affected by terror – working individually with parents, spouses, children and siblings.