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//School Tzedakah Projects

Buy a Card… Change a Life

This year the Tikkun Olam Committee is dedicated to helping children in need. Your purchase will help us send an Israeli child who was a recent victim of terror to a healing camp in Israel. ** Please read below for more information and how you can help.

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Kids Tzedakah Projects – Elianah

Elianah and her mother met in person with Ellen Little from OneFamily Canada, so that Elianah could get to know the work of OneFamily. Each student involved in Project Give Back asks different questions depending on their interests, and each project shows a different side to the work OneFamily does. Below are the well-thought-out questions Elianah and her mother asked. (Later in the year, Elianah celebrated her birthday with the help of EchoAge, with proceeds going to OneFamily. To learn more about how to can celebrate special occasions, while helping victims of terror please click here). Who [...]

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