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My name is Danielle and I am 26 years old. When I was 14 my brother, Adi, was killed in the Second Lebanon War. His team entered Lebanon at night and was supposed to reach a certain location, a house. They didn’t get there before sunrise, so they had to enter a different house to prevent Hezbollah from spotting them in broad daylight. The house was in poor condition – no windows, and located in a dangerous place. 120 soldiers, including my brother, entered the house. At 1:23 PM, an anti-tank missile was fired at the house where Adi and his fellow soldiers were staying. Adi was killed along with eight other soldiers, and many others were wounded.
I did not believe that my older brother, my hero, was gone and would never come back. Although Adi was eight years older than me, we were very close. I admired him and loved him very much. We spent a lot of time together; playing, talking about life, going on family trips and so on. He helped me in my high school studies and advised me on basically everything… Click here to read all stories

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A Taste of Life Cookbook

OneFamily’s gorgeous Taste of Life cookbook highlights the recipes of 124 Israeli mothers who have lost children through acts of terror and war….
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OneFamily Canada invites you on an incredible journey through the spectacular Golan Heights. Click here to read more…

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