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A Taste of Life Cookbook

OneFamily’s gorgeous Taste of Life cookbook highlights the recipes of 124 Israeli mothers who have lost children through acts of terror and war….
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OneFamily Echoage

Let us be a part of your chid’s next birthday party.
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Cross Israel Hike 2017

OneFamily Canada invites you on an incredible journey through the spectacular Golan Heights.
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OneFamily Faces


My name is Noam, and I am 16 years old.  My father, Natan, was killed in a rocket attack 11 years ago, during the Second Lebanon War. I was five years old at the time, and my little brother, Yahly, was only two. It was difficult to grow up without a father. We are on a never-ending search for memories and stories of our dad from anyone who has them.  

One of the only memories that I do have is from the beginning of the war, when my dad was called in to reserve army duty. When he was leaving our apartment, he took some cookies with him, but I got mad because I wanted the cookies. They were my favourite. So he gave them up to make me happy, and took crackers instead. After he was killed, the army sent us back his belongings – the things that survived the rocket attack.  And with his things, were the crackers, unopened.

I never had the chance to create any more memories with my dad, but I feel like I know him from stories like these.

OneFamily has given me so much. I’ve been able to meet the most amazing people, who became my brothers and sisters. These kinds of friendships are the ones that last forever. This is a place where you can be yourself, you can express your feelings, and you can be understood…. Click here to read all stories

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