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One Family Fund Canada Supports the Victims of Terrorism. Please act now and donate funds for these most recent victims. A Hamas rocket attack was fired against Israel, 80 rockets traumatized thousands, 5 have been reported injured.

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22 rockets landed in the Eshkol region
21 rockets landed in the Lachish region
27 additional rockets landed in other areas of the South
7 rockets were intercepted by The Iron Dome
10 rockets were fired at Israel on Tuesday night

Total in the past 24 hours, 80 rockets have been reported fired, This morning, five were wounded in the most recent attack against Israel.
Ziv, a young soldier survived hours of surgery – he is currently in critical condition, is sedated, and is still on a respirator. Please pray for Ziv Ben Margalit.

Three temporary residents from Thailand were wounded – one with a head injury, one with shrapnel in his legs, and the last with light wounds that were treated at the scene.

A fifth woman is currently being treated for severe shock.

Five homes were seriously damaged and a museum in Yad Mordechai was hit.