Here are some easy tips you can use to help you reach your fundraising goals!

Make use of our easy online fundraising tools: Once you’ve registered, you will be prompted to create your own Personal Page. This is your opportunity to tell your story, post a photo, and of course, request donations. You may want to include some of the following information:

What does this cause mean to you?
Why are you involved?
What is your personal fundraising goal?

Or simply use this sample e-mail, inserting your own link/personal information where appropriate:

Dear Friends,

Although it appears that the level of terrorist attacks on civilians in Israel has declined in recent years, 2011 was not a quiet year in Israel. Last year, over 534 rockets exploded inside Israeli communities, leaving hundreds of new victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, 22 Israelis were murdered, 57 sustained critical injuries and 111 were bereaved as a direct result of terror attacks. Although an attack only lasts a minute, the aftermath lasts a lifetime.


[Day, Month, Year] I am participating in the [Event Name], to help One Family Fund Canada provide much-needed assistance to Israel’s more than 17,000 victims of terrorism. I am writing to ask you to support me with your sponsorship in the [Event Name]. One Family Fund is the only organization that remains devoted to all victims of terror in Israel, from the moment of an attack until they no longer need our help…even if in some cases it’s for the rest of their lives. Since its inception in 2001 (the Canadian chapter started in 2004), One Family Fund has worked with 3,595 families, providing the necessary financial, legal and tuition assistance and therapeutic programs (such as healing retreats, workshops and camps) utilizing a network of caring professionals and lay people who create a supportive and loving family atmosphere.

Please help me to support the many victims of terror rebuild their shattered lives with a generous donation.

To donate securely on-line please go to [insert link to sponsor yourself here]. You will receive a tax receipt from One Family Fund Canada for your kind donation. For further information about the Team One Family 50k Ride or to participate, please go to [1].

Thank you for your support.

Spread the Word:

State that you are participating in the Team One Family 50k Ride to raise money for victims of terror and their families in Israel in your email signature.
Take advantage of social networking to reach out to people by linking your personal page to any website or blogs you contribute to, tweeting about the event and your fundraising progress.

Support Yourself First

Be proud of the commitment you are making and be the first to financially support your effort!
Ride for a Victim and Their Family

Personalize your fundraising efforts this year. Click here [2] to read the stories of just some of the victims of terror who have been helped by One Family Fund. Use one or more to help prospective donors understand how their donation will improve the lives of families like these.
Create Your List of Potential Donors

Enlist the support of everyone you know – don’t leave anyone out. Your family, friends, colleagues, your barber or hairdresser, your favourite barista, the people in your spin class…

Use your personal page to email all of these people and ask them to support you. Your donors will also be able to receive tax receipts instantly for their donations. Remember, online donations save One Family Fund time and money, ensuring the maximum gift supports victims of terror and their families in Israel. Try and get emails for everybody but in case you can’t reach someone by email, ask them to donate to your fund when you see them.

Follow Up

Don’t be shy to follow up with those who haven’t responded to your request for donations. People are usually happy to give. A gentle reminder is a good way to catch people who missed the opportunity the first time around.