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Thursday, July 17, 2012 (Toronto) – On the 18th anniversary of one of the most devastating acts of terrorism against Jews – when 85 people were massacred in Argentina – another bomb has killed more Israelis on foreign soil. Although much is still not know about the attack in Bulgaria, it has been confirmed that five Israelis were killed in the blast and more that thirty were wounded.
When terrorism hits Israelis, the Israeli government is quick to respond to ensure the safety and medical treatment of the casualties. Yet, the effects of terrorism are not short-term. This is where One Family Fund, a charitable organization that helps Israeli child victims of terrorism and their families, comes into play.
“Tragedies, such as what has recently happened in Bulgaria, remind us why what we do is so important,” says One Family Fund Canada Director Pam Albert. “With five people dead, there will be at least a few families that will have to deal with devastation of losing a loved one and possibly even the monetary effects, if that person was the family’s main earner. Then, there are dozens of casualties from this bombing who will need physical, psychological and monetary aid on both a short-term and long-term basis,” she adds.
Victims of terrorism all experience the psychological effects in different ways. Zohar Turgeman was a survivor of the Bus 20 bombing in Jerusalem in 2002. She was traveling, as she did every day, to school with her best friend. Her friend did not survive the attack, which left Zohar burned and shrapnel-ridden. She has not been able to get on a bus since the bombing, but she has, through the help of One Family Fund, been able to get to college where she majors in early childhood education. She still sees a psychologist once a week.
Eden Dahan’s family suffered four separate attacks on their home in Sderot in just over six months. In each, her father was injured and now suffers emotional trauma and depression, which keeps him from working and earning for the family. With the family in hard economic times, Eden wants to study law, in order to support them.
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Pam Albert founded one Family Fund Canada in 2004, after traveling to Israel in search of a charity about which she could be passionate. When she discovered One Family and what they did, she found her match. Most important to her was that One Family not only supported the children victims of terrorism, but also helped the family as a whole. By working with all members, One Family was able to help return the families to independent, functioning units. One Family works with children affected by terrorism in Israel, no matter the child’s denomination or religion.
For more information or to donate, please visit: https://www.onefamilyfund.ca/donate
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