Remembering Our Past President, Elana Waldman

//Remembering Our Past President, Elana Waldman

Remembering Our Past President, Elana Waldman

Elana WaldmanOne Family Fund Canada joins Elana Waldman’s family, friends, and colleagues in mourning her passing and treasuring her memory. Elana served as One Family’s second President, from 2007-2011, and played an instrumental role in helping One Family grow from its inception to an established, successful non-profit organization.

If you asked anyone about Elana Waldman they would say she was a true leader. She was strong and loyal, compassionate, caring, dedicated, dependable, smart, courageous, not afraid to say how she felt, or to stand up for her convictions. A true friend. WAY older than her years. You would be surprised by her age, for she was so accomplished for someone so young. It was as if she had lived an entire life in her too short years. She could be playful, had a great sense of humour and had a GREAT laugh. Just hang out with her sister Roni, and you will hear that contagious, full, all encompassing laugh of Elana’s.

She held an inner beauty and wisdom that will continue to shine down on the endless number of lives that she has touched. Her One Family Fund community is vast and connected and will miss her deeply. As we hike the Cross Israel Trail each year to raise funds for victims of terror, we will keep her memory alive, and continue to carry her with us on our individual journeys.

We remember Elana with deep love, respect and gratitude.
May her memory be a blessing.

Pam Albert
Executive Director, One Family Fund Canada

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