Operation Pillar of Defense

//Operation Pillar of Defense

Operation Pillar of Defense

Tuesday, November 19: Day 6

Pini Rabinovitz, the Southern Regional Coordinator visited victims and their families, and newly injured victims in Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot, and Ofakim. The 600+ victims previously injured and living in the south have received multiple phone calls of support and counseling from OneFamily case workers, coordinators, therapists, and volunteers – ensuring that all their emotional and physical needs are taken care of. Pini’s visit was interrupted many times by the Tzeva Edom (emergency alarm).

Immediately after an attack OneFamily does an assessment of the emotional, financial, and legal support each victim will need in order to ensure rehabilitation and recovery from the trauma of terror. It is essential that each victim knows their rights, how to obtain benefits, and understand the journey of recovery from emotional and physical injury.

Image DescriptionOn November 10th, Shimon ben Diana, a British-Israeli medic in Golani was driving in his jeep when it was hit by an anti-tank missile from Gaza.

Pini visited Shimon today, he suffered shrapnel injuries to his eyes and forehead. He has regained stability to one of his eyes, while his other eye will require additional surgery.

On November 18th, Daniel and Miriam were traveling to thier home through Ofakim when a Code Red alarm sounded. They pulled over and grabbed their daughter from her car seat – as they were crouching down a rocket hit only 10 meters from their car. Shrapnel struck Miriam’s leg as well as Daniel’s back and leg – their daughter suffered also minor injuries. Tears of relief poured down their faces as Miriam explained what happened to PiniImage Description

Please pray for:
Miriam Dina bat Ruth
Daniel Aaron ben Rose
Hadas Sarah bat Miriam Dinah

Image DescriptionMindee Levinger, the Jerusalem Coordinator visited the parents of Mira Sharf who was murdered on November 15th. She, Aharon Smadji, and Itzik Amsalem were killed when a rocket from Gaza landed on an apartment building in Kiryat Melachi. Mira was the Chabad emissary in New Dehli, India. He husband Shmulik and son are still in serious condition in the hospital. Her two young daughters (below age of 3) are staying with Shmulik’s parents; they visited the shiva home to see their maternal grandparents today. Mira’s parents will join OneFamily’s bereaved parents support group in the coming weeks.

Image Description

Etty, one of the Sderot community liaisons left Sderot this morning to Tiberias. The emotional impact of the recent attacks have been too difficult for her and her five children. Etty was injured in 2009 when a Qassam rocket fell near their home.

She suffers from severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and cannot sleep, cannot concentrate, has a high level of anxiety, and suffers from trauma induced depression.

Since Friday, our staff has received phone calls from victims requiring support from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. OneFamily currently assists close to 4,000 victims of terror and their families – bereaved, orphaned, wounded, maimed through acts of terror. All rockets aimed at Tel Aviv have been intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Please keep these victims of the most recent attacks in your prayers:

Yakov ben Gizla
Beer Sheva, 77 years old, fell as he ran towards a safer part of his building. He hit his head and fractured his pelvis.

Sima Elka bat Sarah Tzippora
Beer Sheva, 75 years old, fell as she tried to get to safety. She broke her hip and is recovering from surgery.

Doron ben Victoria
Beer Sheva, 40 years old, married with twin 4.5 year old daughters. The siren rang as he was driving, he injured himself as he rushed his daughters to safety. He ruptured his Achilles tendon.

Shimon Yitzchak ben Esther
Netivot, he is a firefighter and was wounded by shrapnel in his ears and face.

Ben Zion Chai Yehuda ben Chana
Was injured last week when a Qassam fell on his jeep. He suffered severe head injury and supposed to have a cornea transplant tomorrow.

Landau ben Frenda
63 years old, was injured in his foot and head while hitchhiking (a rocket fell 10 meters from the car).

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