Obama Extends Special Invitation to American Victims of Palestinian Terror

//Obama Extends Special Invitation to American Victims of Palestinian Terror

Obama Extends Special Invitation to American Victims of Palestinian Terror

Jerusalem, Thursday, March 21st: Through an ongoing relationship with OneFamily Fund (Israel’s national organization dedicated to terror victims and their families), President Obama has invited several American and Israeli victims of terror to his speech at Binyanei Hauma on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Included in the delegation attending Obama’s speech are Moshe Silinsky, injured in a terror attack in 2013, IriyaMordechai whose husband was murdered in 2001, Naftali Moses, whose son was murdered along with seven other boys his age in 2008 while they were in their school library, and Rebecca Fuhrman, injured in a Jerusalem attack in 2011.

Osher Twitto, now a 13 yea- old boy from southern Israel was personally invited by President Obama to attend. He was only eight years old when a Qassam rocket exploded next to him. Doctors were forced to amputate Osher’s left leg.

Image DescriptionIn 2008, four months after Osher was injured, Obama came to Israel as part of his campaign for President of the US. Osher was transported out of the hospital to meet Obama and shake his hand. He told Osher then that if he was elected President, he would meet him again “In the White House.” President Obama has gone to great lengths to try and fulfill this promise. His office has been working with OneFamily for over a year in an interest to continue their “friendship.”

Shira Applebaum-Maresky is the daughter of Dr. David Applebaum, a prominent physician originally from Detroit, and sister of Nava Applebaum. They were both murdered in a restaurant in Jerusalem at midnight as they were having a father/daughter heart to heart talk the night before Nava was to be married.

Moshe Silinsky, aged 17, was stabbed in the abdomen at the Tapuach Junction on January 29th, 2013. His father grew up in New Jersey, his mother in North Carolina. The brutal stabbingwas barely covered by the American press. “I am a walking reminder that terrorism is still very much a part of our daily reality in Israel, and that we are not safe simply walking on our streets. I hope Obama brings that message home with him,” said Silinsky.

Shmuel Silinsky, Moshe’s father, told us: “The Palestinian who did this to my son is 20 years old. That means he was born the same year that the Oslo Accords were signed, an agreement was supposed to include “Education for Peace.” Actions like this ought to show President Obama and his administration that we are not yet dealing with a partner truly interested in the pursuit of peace.”

David Nachenberg is attending with his 13 year old daughter, Shira. David’s wife Chana was in the devastating bombing at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001 that was the catalyst for OneFamily Fund’s creation. Chana has been hospitalized in a deep coma ever since.

Judge Iriya Mordechai from New York lost her husband when he was killed at Kibbutz Shluchot in 2001.She told us: “I grew up on true American values. They are so much a part of me. I am so happy that President Obama is recognizing our suffering, our family of injured and bereaved in Israel. President Obama is letting us know that we aren’t forgotten.”

Rebecca Fuhrman from Pittsburgh, PA is ironically hearing Obama in the very location (Binyanei Hauma) where she was injured in a bus bombing in 2011. Just 24 years old and a recent immigrant to Israel, she has decided to dedicate her life to helping other victims of terror, working as the Communications Manager at OneFamily Fund in Jerusalem.

“Obama’s attention and dedication to making this happen makes me proud as an American and an Israeli,” said Rebecca.

Marc Belzberg, Founder and Chairman of OneFamily Fund:

“President Obama’s invitation to Israel’s terror victims to participate in his visit is a refreshing and very welcome acknowledgement of the ongoing suffering the Jewish people have endured at the hands of terrorists. The administration’s inclusion of American citizens who have been injured and traumatized by attacks on them and their families communicates to us the recognition that fighting terrorism – in Israel and in the world – is a priority for the United States.”

“This is a battle we cannot win without President Obama and the American administration taking the lead. Israel is the main focus of terror today because of its geographic location. President Obama’s visit to Israel clearly broadcasts the message that America and Israel are partners in the goal of putting an end to global terrorism.”

ONE FAMILY FUND is an international organization providing material and rehabilitative support to thousands of Israel’s victims of terror, facilitating their healing and reintegration into society. Since its founding in 2001, OneFamily has helped thousands of victims of terror, uniquely providing a tailor-made blend of financial and legal assistance, therapeutic group activities and retreats, personal encouragement and moral support.

Currently, OneFamily continues to support more than 1,300 injured families, 1,300 bereaved families and over 1000 bereaved or injured children and young adults in all parts of the country.

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