From the children of OneFamily to the community of Newtown

//From the children of OneFamily to the community of Newtown

From the children of OneFamily to the community of Newtown

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From the children of OneFamily to the community of Newtown:

Dear Parents, Siblings, and Children of Newton,

We are children victims of terror. Each one of us lost a father, mother, brother or sister in mass terror attacks in the last decade. There are thousands of us, in Israel.
Our hearts ache knowing that you are now a part of our club in life.
We know your pain, the anguish you are feeling, and the shock that continues to overwhelm you.

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Boston Community Sponsors Camp: 350 Children, 3 Days, Countless Memories

The Youth Division gathered for our annual Hannuka Camp sponsored by the Boston Community – bringing together our youngest victims for three days of relaxation, rehabilitation, fun, and excitement!
Read more about camp…..
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Read personal stories of encouragement by two young victims, these are our MEMORIES and MIRACLES.

Lighting up the night!

As Moishe Holzberg and his paternal grandfather lit the menorah in central Jerusalem, the OneFamily Bereaved Fathers Choir ignited a night of singing and dancing!

Thank you to the Israeli Defense Forces!

OneFamily and victims of terror in the South, visit the soldiers responsible for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system – to relay their appreciation for keeping their homes and their families safe.

Osher Twito, to visit America

Osher just received the most amazing Bar Mitzvah present from OneFamily. Four years ago, 8 year old Osher was injured by a Kassam Rocket on his way to buy a birthday present for his father in Sderot. He suffered severe internal and external injuries that resulted an amputation of his left leg. Later this month, Osher will fullfill his dream of traveling to the United States with the OneFamily Fund.

Osher met President Obama during his 2008 presidental campaign trip to Israel and was promised a reunion meeting at the White House if Obama was elected. We are still waiting for confirmation on the meeting.

Jerusalem Marathon, The Power of Together

Join victims and their families in solidarity and support by running the Jerusalem Marathon on March 1, 2013. The International Jerusalem Marathon includes 3 running courses: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K.

Rebuilding the South:

OneFamily case workers, coordinators, therapists, and volunteers worked with victims living in Southern Israel, ensuring that all emotional and physical needs were taken care of. OneFamily continues to work with families in the South as they rebuild their lives from the reoccurring trauma of the past few months.

Read A Mother’s Heart Is Torn As Rockets Fall, a letter written by a mother of an injured child as sirens rang through her neighborhood.


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