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About Team One Family and the Dragon Boat Israel Festival

Dragon boating is the world’s fastest growing sport due to it being an exciting team sport and an all-round fun activity.

Each dragon boat has a crew of 22, including a drummer and a sweep, to steer the vessel. The drummer provides the rhythm, as the team paddles in beat with the drum. Twenty-one hearts beating as one.

Join us, May 6-11th, as we team up with victims of terror in the 2nd Annual Israel Dragon Boat Festival. The festival takes place May 8-9th, at Lake Kinneret (also known as the Sea of Galilee), Israel’s largest body of fresh water.

One Family will stay at the beautiful Ramot Inn, with a lovely view of the area’s rolling hills. The races take place over two days and are a wonderful opportunity to paddle alongside victims of terrorism and to connect with them in a truly meaningful way.
In fact, the One Family Canada teams are the only teams uniting with Israelis at the festival.

If you have never paddled before, you will be pleased to find that it only takes one or two practices for you to race and to be a part of this fun and exciting team sport.

Not only will you enjoy this fun race, paddling alongside victims helped by One Family, you get an opportunity to experience Israel and its people in a unique way.

Our exciting trip starts with a chance to explore the seaside city of Tel Aviv and to visit victims of terror, with their families. See for yourself the difference that being a part of our One Family makes to the lives of these families as we visit the One Family Centre and enjoy a seaside lunch.

Planned adventures include Jerusalem, giving you a chance to see this beautiful and historic Old City, and a hike in the north of Israel on the final day. Throughout the trip, there will be ample time for you to explore these regions on your own and create your own adventures. This is a perfect and exciting blend of activity, sight seeing, visiting friends and freedom.

This trip is a unique experience, where you will make friends, connect in a meaningful way with victims and the land as well as be a part of aiding in the recovery process, as we paddle together with victims of terrorism.

Space is limited, so register early. For more information visit us at, email or call the office (416) 489-9687. Learn how One Family is helping Israel’s victims overcome terror together.

Join the fun! Support Team One Family

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