The Numbers Tell a Story

Terror … Hope … Fear … Support …

Why give to OneFamily Fund? After all there is no shortage of organizations that support Israel. So, why OneFamily Fund? How does it differ from other organizations that support Israel? The answer is simple. OneFamily is the only organization in Israel that looks at the whole family, not just the person directly impacted by the terror attack. OneFamily recognizes that the repercussions of terror impact not only the direct victims, but their spouses, siblings, parents and children, and stay with the victim families for many years to come. OneFamily provides financial, legal and emotional support to the thousands of victims of terror in Israel on a daily basis. It provides a forum to meet other victims, a place to forget and a place to remember. It is at the forefront in providing long-term support for physical and emotional health, education, housing, income and other needs. So, why OneFamily? Because every victim family deserves a chance to reclaim their lives.

2,480 bereaved and injured families attended support groups, therapeutic workshops and rehabilitative activities. 100
2,356 families received weekly phone calls or home visits from OneFamily staff and volunteers. 99
1,167 wounded victims received birthday cards and support on their birthdays. 95
1,027 wounded victims participated in relaxation and rehabilitative retreats. 92
1,002 youth participated in bi-weekly support groups, meetings and activities, and in the three annual Youth Division Therapeutic Camps. 89
855 private memorials were attended by OneFamily coordinators and counselors. 80
568 families received financial assistance. 75
417 young adults participated in supportive social programming. 70
210 supporters and victims of terror ran the Jerusalem Marathon together. 65
182 victims met with delegations of friends and supporters from around the world. 61
152 children compiled stories and memories in the newly published book, “Longing for a Hug.” 60
52 children received additional mentorship from the Big Brother/Big Sister Program.” 59
41 orphans celebrated and memorialized holidays and yahrzeits together with their families.” 57
38 victims received employment retraining and assistance.” 50

One moment in time can change a life forever. Please make your moments count and support Israel's victims of terror.

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