Eighteen-year-old Nisan is youngest child born to Meir and Alona. He has three older sisters: Bat-El z’l, Sivan (28) and Gitit (20). On June 11, 2003, a bus bombing in Jerusalem took the life of his oldest sister Bat-El. She was only 21 years old at the time that she was murdered and Nisan was 9 years. Nisan, and the entire Ohana family, are albino and suffer from defective eyesight.

Nisan is a very talented musician who plays a variety of musical instruments including drums, harmonica, guitar and synthesizers. He also does musical instrument programming and computerized music. Nisan credits the summer that he spent at Camp Timberlane a few years ago for his musical achievements.

Nisan is in 11th grade and has recently been using his spare time for studying toward his matriculation exams and, of course, playing music. Nisan also exercises in a gym, is a good swimmer and enjoys playing soccer with his friends. Like most boys his age, he enjoys watching television and playing on the computer and Sony Playstation. He also participates actively in One Family Youth Division camps and activities. Nisan’s friends say that he is a bit shy, but sensitive, and that it is fun being his friend. When it comes to Nisan, people seean external disability, but he wants people to know that he is a normal person in all respects.