One Family Fund is committed to strengthening the bridge between Canadians and the heroic Israelis who want and need our support. As part of One Family Fund’s efforts to build this bridge, we have visited with school children from a number of different Jewish day schools in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Our visits are tailored to suit the needs of the school group while sharing the stories of terror victims and the efforts of One Family Fund. At various times we have been fortunate to have had guests from Israel visit schools with us and share their own personal stories – thus allowing the stories to become real and very tangible. The children are encouraged not to focus on the pain and suffering but on the lives that had been lived as well as being inspired by those who have risen from tragedy and moved on to make a positive impact on the world.

Our visits with the school children have inspired the individual students as well as their classes to undertake projects that have ultimately benefited other kids and their families in Israel. These projects have included anything from:

  • Creating fundraising projects in order to donate funds to camp programs as well as other special holiday events taking place in Israel
  • Putting together a shipment of stuffed bears to be handed out to victims of terror or their siblings to provide a means of comfort
  • Visiting a photography exhibition – “Victims of Terror” – and writing essays about the experience. Each student had an opportunity to connect with both the photographer as well as some of the victims whose images appeared in the photographs.
  • Production of music CDs with all of the songs chosen and CD cover art created by a class group. The CDs and a cover letter written by each contributor were distributed to other children in Israel.

The ultimate objective in the One Family Fund School Program is to create awareness for the children in Toronto of their contemporaries in Israel and what they might be dealing with while at the same time providing insight and inspiration AND to allow those in Israel to know that there are others in another part of the world who actually care about and are interested in their lives.

Please contact the One Family Fund office to discuss and arrange a meaningful visit to your school: 416.489.9687