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Aaron Myers chose to support OneFamily Fund through his Bar Mitzvah. Below is an exert from his speech explaining why he made this decision

For my bar mitzvah, I decided to support OneFamily Fund, which is an organization that allows kids affected by terrorism to be sent to camp. The reason I chose this charity is because I understand how much of a life-changing experience camp can be and I can’t imagine the suffering these kids have gone through. I am proud to say that with the help of all of you, we successfully raised approximately $3,500 which will send 3-4 kids to camp in Israel.

On your tables are bracelets for each of you. Many of them have inscriptions with the name of an Israeli who was killed by a terrorist attack on a certain date. Please take a bracelet and wear it to remember them and to support their families. Every time you wear it, I hope you remember how precious life is.

Aaron Myers