Through a careful process that takes into consideration the character of both the supporting community and the families in Israel, Adopt-a-Family creates a match that provides the families in Israel with a partner in life to provide long-term financial and emotional support. One Family Fund provides the mechanism for maintaining contact with the family, getting updated information on their condition and their financial needs.

One Family has successfully matched over 200 victims and their families with caring communities and individuals around the world. The “adopting” community commits to provide specific financial assistance for a specific period of time (usually $7,500 for one year). One Family serves as a vehicle for this support and for facilitating direct contact between the victim’s family and the adopting community.

Statements and Testimonials:

“Our family was looking to support a grass roots organization in Israel. We were introduced to One Family Fund by Pam Albert and through One Family’s Adopt-a-Family program we were able to adopt Orly Vaknin, one of the survivors of the Hebrew University bombing. We have personally visited Orly in Israel and she has visited us here in Canada. She has become part of our family and we are in regular contact with her.

Orly is a warm, sensitive and spirited young woman who has courageously opened her heart to us and other One Family supporters.

Through Orly our family has developed an even closer bond and connection to Israel. My wife and I and especially our children have a much greater understanding of the situation in Israel today and the sacrifices and struggles that Israelis are faced with every day.”

— Karen and Tom Ehrlich

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