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The Cross Israel Hike through the Southern Negev was an outstanding success.  With 56 hikers from Canada, and six victims of terror from Israel joining us on daily hikes and evening activities, we trekked over challenging terrain through dramatic scenery forming memories and bonds that will last a lifetime.  We heard from many participants that this trip was life changing!  A real opportunity to connect to the land and the people of Israel!!

Together we raised over $200,000 for Israel’s victims of terror.  With fundraising proceeds from the hike, we invited special One Family Fund guests from Jerusalem, the Bereaved Men’s Choir and their wives.  Each of the men in the choir has lost a child to an act of terror, and they sang for us with sadness in their hearts, but joy in their eyes.  It was a very emotional way to end a highly charged five day event.  The Men’s Choir and their wives extended their stay and enjoyed Shabbat together with those hikers who remained in Eilat.  One of the wives commented about the boat cruise and weekend, “It did more to lift our spirits than any therapy or medication ever could.”